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Preferred Energy has helped thousands of businesses like yours compare rates and plans from trusted retail electricity, natural gas, and solar providers. Don’t pay too much when you have the power to choose a better plan. Learn more about how we can customize an energy management plan that works for you!






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Our procurement process is a straightforward, effective approach to securing your energy at the most competitive prices possible. After reviewing and understanding your energy needs, historical usage, and current market conditions we begin to work on finding the best opportunities to lower your costs. We develop an energy strategy tailored to your short-term and long term energy needs. You then select what option is best suited for your company. Our team is always available to assist you with expert insights and assistance. We will continue to monitor the energy market to keep up with any market changes.

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There are almost 5 million commercial buildings in the US.

0 Billion

According to the US Department of Energy, schools and universities spend a combined $14 billion on utility costs annually.

0 Billion

The nation’s small businesses spend more than $60 billion a year on energy.


Energy represents about 19% of total expenditures for a typical office building.


Lighting, heating, and cooling are the biggest energy consumers, accounting for almost 70% of total energy use in businesses.


Natural gas provides 29% of our energy and is used to heat about half the homes in the United States.

Top Three Sources of Electricity Consumption in the Commercial Sector


“Preferred Energy provides very professional services for any business and any industry. My retail company had outstandingly smooth experience with them. They helped us to save money and time. They just get it. They are small business owners themselves so they understand the struggles we all have. They treat my company like it’s their own company. I highly recommend their services.”

“What a great company! Preferred Energy offered my company far greater options than other energy companies I was able to find on the internet. Plus they return your calls! They helped me find me the best rate that is much lower than what I was paying previously on my electric bills. I am saving thousands of dollars a year that I can now invest back into my company infrastructure. I’ve told everyone about this company!! Use Preferred Energy if you want someone who will always have your back!”

“Emilia and the team at New England Preferred Energy have been great partners. They make it very simple to procure the type of energy products we need. With their help we have found options that give us visibility to control our budgets. Their guidance on the markets allow us to make decisions for either short terms products or longer commitments to ensure the stability our business requires.”
Robert Rybick, Geisslers Supermarkets

“I had a great experience with Preferred Energy! Their entire team is wonderful from start to finish. Their customer service is second to none. They guide you on every step of the process holding your hand and advising you like no other company I have ever dealt with. They were able to effortlessly tailor energy solutions specific to my organization and helped me to put a long-term plan in place that will save me thousands of dollars a year on my bottom line. I would highly recommend having them do an energy audit of your business.”

“Easy to use, excellent service and great rates. Thank you so much for all you do for my company Preferred Energy!”

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